Saturday, January 10, 2009

Art 1A class blog

Blog 1 - About me

The first picture that I chose for my blog is one of the picture from our book. It is a picture of the statue of a man that was found in Cernavoda, Romania. The statue depicts a man who seems to be thinking about something. I'm a thinker myself so this statue shows this part of my personality. The person who carved this statue lived some 5500 years. I'd imagine he lived in a completly different environment from today's world and yet he was able to make something that people are able to relate to many ages later. My first idea of ancient people is that they were rather primitive. Looking at this statue, I think person who made it was very inteligent. I'm not sure if I was able to make something like that.

The second image I chose is the picture of a painting by Vincent van Gogh. The name of the painting is The Stary Night. Van Gogh paited this picture in 1889. It shows small town with giant night skies above it. This picture reminds me of my own home town back in Slovakia. There was a church, few houses, mountains, and at night one could see thousands of stars.

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  1. Yeah I agree that it took some creativity and intelligence to make something like that