Saturday, January 10, 2009

Undirected Blog #1

After reading the first two chapters in our book I was thinking which image could be compered to something in modern world. I think the most suitable for that is the image of the house interior from Skara Brae.
Skara Brae was occupied from 3100 BCE to 2600 BCE. Even thou this structure was constructed some 5000 years ago, it shows surprisingly modern features such as build in shelves, rectangular stone beds with space for some type of beding, and place for a fire in the middle. Many modern interiors use stone as the finish look on parts of the wall. Fireplace is probably the most comon area when one could see the stone finish in modern day structures. I'd imagine the builders of Skara Brae house did not intend to use stone just to achieve some look. For them the stone was material of choice because it was readily available building material in the area. In modern world we can chose from many passible building materials. Often times the stone finish serves only aesthetic function. There products available that imitate stone in its apearence but they are meant to be only an outer wall layer only an inch or two thick.


  1. Skara Brae is AMAZING! I agree; for being built so long ago this building appears to be amazingly modern. It makes me think of some of the radical art work built in the early 50's in America when the environment was conservative and "perfect". Great find!

  2. I agree that the stone work as well as the shelving really resembles modern architecture of today. I also agree that the stone was the ideal material at that time due to its availability. Great comparison to the modern fireplace, and I enjoyed many of your observations. You also have a terrific name! I love it!
    Milae Weiser